Some may say that I drank the kool-aide — eh.

This is nuts! Well, not really but kind of nuts. This crypto movement has me feeling like its the early 10s again. Like Twitter was kind of new, people were trying to become the mayor of their favorite coffeeshop, and Bitcoin was just something people kind of heard about. I’m sure the timelines are all different but that’s how it feels to me. I mean my first SXSW experience was like five years ago but that was more like nine…. years. …

End of Year Update Time

I’m feeling pretty good about my personal security. I know that 100% security is a myth but I feel relief, even if it’s not perfect. The transition to utilizing the tools on a daily basis was slightly difficult but I’ve learned to really enjoy all the tools and process. Again, this is coming from a normal consumer and not a security expert.

👍 NordVPN is a solid option. Easy to integrate into all my computers and phone. Fast, easy, and safe. I did consider add it to the router but having a VPN on the router could be a bit…

I’ve decided to test out a privacy-first mentality. This isn’t a “stop cold turkey with social media” or a perfect equation for keeping all your data and online stuff safe but it’s worth the effort. I’m looking at it as an everyday tech user trying to dodge the collection of my personal data. It’s pretty impossible with the sharing of photos on Facebook or using GMail. But I think we can control a good amount of it if we try.

Why now?

I have no idea. I think it’s just from constantly reading about data leaks, data being sold between companies, lawsuits…

Well, I finally made time to build a new personal page. I have one from a few months ago that I deployed onto Gitlab pages but Gitlab’s IP changes a few times a year and I’m not gonna keep up with that. So, I decided to start from scratch today, built it, spun up a server, deployed and got the SSLs. I had a side project sitting on my laptop and I decided to deploy it too.

If you want a longer post I can make time in the future.

Personal Site

Side Project

Here’s my toolkit:


I love Nuxt.js and Vue.js. Use Nuxt.js/Vue.js …

This will be a quick guide to add Google Analytics to our Nuxt.js App. This is mainly for non-developers who want to run their own personal site.

Checkout this tutorial to get the site up and running for free.

Add Google Analytics

First, let’s checkout a solution via Nuxt.js resources… this page took me to a Github page:

The Github page here:

Excellent! A Nuxt module for easy install. Let’s install the module via NPM.

$ npm install @nuxtjs/google-analytics --save

This will install locally and add to your package.json. We can now add the GA Tracking ID. Go to Google…

This is a brief overview of how to get a new Nuxt.js app hosted with SSL for free (domain isn’t free, tho). It’ll only take a few hours and that includes customizing the site, adding a Twitter card, and waiting on the DNS.


TBH, I needed a new personal site. I’ve been paying $5/month to DigitalOcean to host an old Ghost blog that I didn’t use anymore. I always wanted to create a custom template for the blog but I never found the time nor the real motivation. …

Note: I’m doing a 15 day challenge of designing something everyday. I’ll be utilizing Sketch with inspiration from tutorials, Product Hunt, or Dribbble. It may range from UI to graphics. Allotting an hour on something… or a day… idk.

Another Tutorial

I decided to do another tutorial found on Medium. Let’s Build a Robot: A Sketch Tutorial by Elizabeth Davis. How can you not design a robot, right?

Quick Take Aways

  • The Scissors are amazing! Checkout the Layer > Path > Scissors
  • The subtract function when merging to shapes
  • Lastly, a little about shading. I’ve never been great at shading and finding the light source.

My brief history

I’ve been building primarily in AngularJS for a few years now and it’s been pretty good to me. Creating apps in AngularJS with Yeoman’s scaffolding tool, SASS and Grunt made building and deploying front-ends quicker than anything I’ve used before. Easy and convenient! Though I still use AngularJS for some projects, requests for experience in new libraries and frameworks began to roll in and I needed to transition away from AngularJS.


Researching the latest and greatest of front-end frameworks and libraries is nearly a part-time task. You may not understand if you’re not a developer but new dev tools, services…

Note: I’m doing a 15 day challenge of designing something everyday. I’ll be utilizing Sketch with inspiration from a tutorial, Product Hunt, or Dribbble. It may range from UI to graphics. I may spend an hour on something or a day… idk.

I found this amazing tutorial on Medium Sketch Tutorial: Create a simple illustration of prescription bottle in Sketch by Abhijeet Wankhade. What a fun tutorial! I typically create UI mocks and not so many graphics, so I just increased my mad skills in Sketch.

A few takes aways:
First, editing the radius of a shape can be done with…

The Bristlecone pine on top of the peak has been calling for 3,000 years.

The colorfully bloomed Mountain Bluebells are calling.

The Cutthroat trout in the creek from melting snow are calling.

The soft “hoos” of the Lark Buntings are calling.

The copper brown Rocky Mountain elk are calling.

The trails covered in hiking boot and paw patterns of the past are calling.

The mountain ridge that stops to leave room for the blue sky calls.

The untamed soul listens.

The morning has a cool crisp fragrance of moisture. This is a good day. The view from the upstairs window…

Tim ✌

A developer, a freelancer, a runner, a partner, an optimist

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