#BuildSell30 — Build a Product to Sell in 30 Days 🤘

Tim ✌
3 min readDec 23, 2021

Nothing calls to me more than this #BuildSell30 challenge. As a builder, maker, lover of hackathons and Startup Weekends—this hits me with a whole new challenge while feeding my app building desires.

How hard can it be, right?

The rules are simple: build and sell a business in 30 days!
- use any platform or stack you want
- tweet daily at #buildsell30 weekly
- twitter spaces for accountability
- in 30 days, list what you have on MicroAcquire

Simply done. Build a product and put it for sale on MicroAcquire (MA) in 30 days. Here’s the kicker though, which is the hardest part, get it to $100 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) before listing it on MA. For anyone that works at early stage startups, that’s typically the hardest part—revenue! That’s go-to-market and when do we put up a paywall—where’s the value add?

What’s MRR

Gonna take it from the professionals here and an OG of metrics, baremetrics:

Monthly Recurring Revenue, commonly abbreviated as “MRR” is all of your recurring revenue normalized into a monthly amount. It’s a metric usually used among subscription and SaaS companies.

It’s a way to average your various pricing plans and billing periods into a single, consistent number that you can track the trend of over time.

MRR = number of customers * average billed amount


Market research time! Wanna prep and get the old noodle turning 🧠? Checkout what other makers have built and the opportunities!


Rock ‘n Roll!🤘

Now we know the rules, how to calculate MRR, and have some inspiration. Time to rock? Not yet!

  • Do you have the skills in biz dev, app dev, and marketing?
  • Do you want to be a solo, partnership, or team?
  • What tech stack are you wanting to use?
  • Code, no-code, or both?
  • Which payment platform has the best options for your product?
Rocketship—symbolizing building a product in 30 days.
Photo by Ivan Diaz on Unsplash

Meet you on the moon! 🌜

As a someone working at a startup currently, my time is limited but why not start off 2022 with a build and sell — or at least try!

I have a few ideas—comment or @ me on Twitter and I’ll spill some beans.

What platforms will I use? Not sure yet but I have a few to choose from: Sailsjs, Nextjs, Nuxtjs, FastAPI, Serverless AWS, or Deno—just to name a few!

I’ll see you on the Twitter and I have high-fives for y’all!



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