Privacy First 👻 — End of Year Check-in

Tim ✌
2 min readOct 22, 2019


End of Year Update Time

I’m feeling pretty good about my personal security. I know that 100% security is a myth but I feel relief, even if it’s not perfect. The transition to utilizing the tools on a daily basis was slightly difficult but I’ve learned to really enjoy all the tools and process. Again, this is coming from a normal consumer and not a security expert.

👍 NordVPN is a solid option. Easy to integrate into all my computers and phone. Fast, easy, and safe. I did consider add it to the router but having a VPN on the router could be a bit overkill IMHO… but it is on our smart TV! :P

👍 1Password was the hardest transition but it has been such an amazing tool. Easy to integrate and I don’t have to think about account stuff since it’s all there. I’ve literally auto-generated passwords for all my accounts.

👍 DuckDuckGo gives me nearly on par results as Google. I’m a developer so all of my results will be 90% Stack Overflow.

👎 FireFox did really well for awhile. I added in a few extension to help with blocking data to Facebook and organizing cookies. I still use it from time to time but it’s not my daily browser anymore.

👎 Laverna hasn’t been used much. I’ve been using mainly a notebook… the old pen and paper. I’m noticing a better understanding of project deliverables when I handwrite them.

🙌 Brave is now my go-to browser for both desktop and phone. Built on Chrome so the dev tools work well and all the extension work perfectly. I just started using Brave Rewards for giving back to content creators, but I don’t have much to say about that feature yet. I recommend checking out Brave for security and personal data protection.

My current Brave stats

I think everyone should do this. I know marketers are like.. huh? but I’m ready to discover the next level of the internet without getting destroyed by ads everywhere.





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