Venturing into Crypto 🪤

Tim ✌
3 min readMay 4, 2021


Some may say that I drank the kool-aide — eh.

This is nuts! Well, not really but kind of nuts. This crypto movement has me feeling like its the early 10s again. Like Twitter was kind of new, people were trying to become the mayor of their favorite coffeeshop, and Bitcoin was just something people kind of heard about. I’m sure the timelines are all different but that’s how it feels to me. I mean my first SXSW experience was like five years ago but that was more like nine…. years. 🤮 If feels exciting with this new form of tech!

My first Crypto 🪙

I don’t know where I was or who I was with but I’ll never forget my first crypto. Just kidding. I was sitting on my couch this past February nudging my friends to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase. We all agreed to give it a go. It was becoming more and more of a thing — the SEC started tracking it and Goldman Sacs (or one of those big banks) started declaring it an asset class. It’s worth the shot right. Put down like $100 and got some of those Bitcoins, Litecoins, and something else. Then I started going through those tutorials and learning about other tokens and getting paid to learn. By the end of the week I was like Pokémoning it. Just getting a little bit of everything. I’ve even expanded to different wallets and trading markets, I mean this is so interesting now. The different types of Proofs. Like, dang, how many ways can you prove something exists?

Skip to Present Day 🌞

I’m homeless, I spent all of my money on a coin that was suppose to go to the moon, my dog ate my foot, and… eh I’m not funny. I’m still holding or however I’m suppose to spell it. The craziest part is that I finally found something to do with my cheap gaming PC. This PC has been sitting in the corner for like 6 months. I didn’t really get into playing games like I thought. I I mean they’re fun but not my go-to thing.

So, I normally follow tech people on the Twitters and saw Kevin Rose talk about this Chia thing on a post and then he had the founder Bram Cohen on a Podcast… the next thing I know I was dusting off the PC to start “farming” or “plotting”. Still not totally sure what I’m doing but my budget $500 gaming PC has a reason to consume energy again! Hurray! I invested in a dope 4TB hard drive, installed the Chia GUI, booted up the ol’ VPN, and started syncing to something. The plotting takes forever but it’ll all be worth it when my Chia is worth like a Billion dollars 80 years from now. It’s gonna be sweet when I unfreeze my body and come back to spend all my Chia in a Futurama-type world. Not joking this time.

Bonus NFT💩!

I bought a NFT art piece. It’s pretty epic with an unboxing and everything! Just look at this beautiful thing! CryptoPoops FTW!!



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